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Haley – Dec 03, 2020

I told them that what they were doing was false advertisement. I threatened to expose them to consumer reporting. Prior to my threat the woman told me the same thing, that the cream and eye serum was a trial for 14 days and after the trial I would be charged full price for both products every month and I would get a full sized cream and eye serum every month.. She told me I could pay $19.99 for the cream and $19.99 for the serum or I could return them. I told her I would be contacting my bank to make sure they do not charge my acct for a monthly fee that I did not agree to. She asked if she could put me on a brief hold. When she came back she told me that she cancelled the monthly subscription and that I did not have to return the cream and serum that I received in the trial period,. The bottles I received were clearly full sized. She sent me a cancellation email for both products and told me I didn’t have to pay for them or return them. I’m still going to report them for false advertising and fraudulent practices. The only way I knew they were going to charge me was when I got a call from a 1-877 number asking for confirmation of my home address so they can ship my Dermafil cream out. I told her that I already got it. She said, “Okay, enjoy” and hung up without another word. That made me suspicious so I went online to look for reviews of the product and I came across these reviews. Good luck ladies. Watch out for these kind of businesses. I am sticking to my Estee’ Lauder skin care.

Emily – Nov 23, 2020

I ordered the trial in Sept for the cream and eye syrum. Then in Nov I received a second shipment . I checked out my bank account and found I was charged $179.58 in October and again in November . I contacted them via email and was told it was not a trial but a full sample and since I had not called to cancel … the Nov shipment happened . The Oct charge was to pay for the full price of the product that I thought was a trial and had paid what was pushed as the discounted price . I had checked the site in Sept and saw nothing about a disclaimer that this was a subscription service . Very misleading company . I was able to cancel the subscription and was given a RMA number to return the nov product . Half of the money is suppose to be credited to my account now and the balance when the product is returned . Will never do this again

Joel – Nov 23, 2020

I just figured out something . I will only be getting back $70 of the $89.

The customer who cancelled within the time period was offered to purchase the cream for $19…

Either way, this scam company is making $19 on every bottle… especially since the trial charge of $7 covered the postage

Timothy – Nov 07, 2020

I ordered a free trail that Dr Oz recommend. It said pay for shipping $6.95:and get a free bottle. When ordering the product it never said you would have to pay a membership fee of $89.87 then an international fee $2.70. The product is Dermafil anti aging moisturizer. My Credit card was charged by CLEANCALMC8334868 then when I called the website was get The product does not work they would not refund my money they are a scam and a 3rd party site.

Dane – Oct 22, 2020

I play a game called IMVU. They have offers that you can do in order to get free game credits. I saw the free trial for Dermafil, and all I had to pay was the shipping ($6.95.) I knew that I needed to cancel the membership after I received the product, so I tried to locate Dermafil’s customer service number online. The number attached to the website was for another company (so strange!) Finally, I found a phone # on the bottle of cream. I called to cancel, and the lady gave me two choices. 1. I keep the cream and pay a “discounted price” of $18.00 or 2. I return the cream and have to pay for shipping myself. *this right here is the catch! They know it’s easier to pay the fee than to return the product. They also said they can’t cancel the membership until they have the cream back! Bad Experience!

Kendra – Oct 03, 2020

I did NOT order any DermaFil products but received a small bottle of face cream and another of eye serum. Total cost: $178.87. After a bit of a search I called the return address on the small box, which is the Fulfillment Center in Tampa, Florida. A short conversation, in which they defended themselves, ended by me when he suggested we have a “three-way” conversation with my bank. Is there any hope I will be refunded? I’m an almost 89 yrs. old woman living on Social Security and cannot afford to be scammed at any price.

Martha – Sep 09, 2020

Victim Location 65803

Total money lost $89.71

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Last month I found this ad online for this Dermafil. This was supposed to be a trial offer. I paid the money that was required to get the product. I thought this was the end of it. I get SSN and haven’t had money on it today. I had $89.71 taken off. When I called my bank, they gave me the customer service. Whenever I called and talked to the people at Dermafil, they were going to refund me the money at first. If I would have know they would’ve charged me $89.71 for this then I wouldn’t have done this. When I told her that they were going to contact my supervisor they said they would give me back $70, so they would keep the $19 and something. I wanted to report this.

I found this on Facebook. I’m super upset. I called the for help.

I did not know that once you get the first one you get billed $89.71 for this bottle.



Phone: +1 (855) 822-8204

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