Debra Williams

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Alan – Jan 24, 2021

Scammer’s phone 669-888-1825

Scammer’s website Craigslist

Scammer’s address 1215 Sunset Ave Ext Charlottesville, Va 23903

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Rental

Initial means of contact Text message

This scammer txt & emailed me. She acted like a owner from an house I was looking to rent. She sent me a rental agreement & txted me after I made a $1000 deposit that she was overnighting my keys. I am currently on the phone with the bank putting a stop to my payment. My only concern is that she has my social which I now have to report to social security. I hope someone puts a stop to these scammers!

Marie – Jan 24, 2021

I fell for the same thing as everyone here. The lady claimed to be the owner living in California due to coronavirus, she sent me a fake lease, fake ID & I was so excited. I told my sister all about my new place & we looked up this number & found Debra Williams on this scam site. I’m currently on the phone with my bank putting a stop to my payment but now she has my personal information. I will have to report this to social security for identity theft

Wesley – Dec 10, 2020

This scammer has listed a property we are selling for rent/possible rent to own on Craigslist. I did submit an application with personal information, and a $50 deposit. I am most worried about my information. The house is actually under contract with an agency. Feeling really dumb. The address is 1654 Drew Place SW, Albany OR

Pamela – Nov 12, 2020

Posed as homeowner in Phoenix Arizona. Contacted the realtor and they sent me this link. She’s pretty good. Better than others, no broken English, a legit looking credit application. I sent her (?) This link as well.

Robin – Nov 17, 2020

Would this happen to be a mobile home near cave creek and Union Hills? Because I think I’m dealing with her now.

Brian – Oct 28, 2020

My wife found a listing on Craigslist and told me about it. Nice place, great location affordable rent. Of course I said yes, without researching anything. When I heard the story about this lady, Debra Williams ( [email protected] ) and phone number, 699 888 1825, it took me about 5 minutes to realize it was a scam. Sadly, we’d sent a good portion of the money already. Stay safe folks. Also, RIP Debra Williams, found her obituary.

Amy – Oct 15, 2020

We answered a Craigslist ad in Seaside, OR for a very nice house for rent. Same deal as everyone here, except she sent the wrong house first, and then corrected herself to send us the house in Seaside, first red flag. She said to look through the windows which I thought was fishy, so I did not do that and saw the For Sale sign in the front yard. I asked her about that, as well as the fact that we would not like to move forward without viewing the inside. She said she would overnight the keys to us and send us an application, to which I asked if I should just contact the realtor on the For Sale sign and ask them to show me around. I am sure I will stop hearing from her soon.

William – Oct 07, 2020

We responded to a listing for 3424 Lennox Ave Cleveland, OH 44134 same as the others I am seeing very pushy to get our information and the deposit which thank god we did not send. Said she is in CA since the pandemic. My concern is that now she has my SSN can someone please let me know what to do about this? The house has a For Sale sign in the yard I am calling them as well but want to know what to do as far as her now having access to my SSN?

Sean – Sep 07, 2020

Same experience as listed above. Listed a house in Redding, CA. Said she was out of town in Florida. Was weirdly pushy to get the deposit and information. Demanded that we be caretakers. I asked to see it in person, and we were told much the same. She was out of town, for us to look through the window, etc etc.

Isaac – Aug 28, 2020

Posed as a home owner renting property in South Grafton, Ma. Claimed to be living in California since the lockdown. Thought about selling the house but didn’t like the realtor she previously had so she wanted to sell it herself but in the meantime it was available for rent. She told me to go check it out and that I could look in the windows since she is not available for a walkthrough. I went and all of the windows were shut except the kitchen and from what I saw the house was very much lived in. Fresh strawberries on the kitchen counter from their “smoothie” that morning and a full living room setup. I reached back out to Deb questioning it and all she said was that the tenants had just moved out and haven’t taken all of their stuff yet. There was also a car in the driveway. I was definitely confused so when I got back home I looked up the home and saw that it was sold July 22nd 2020. The amount she was renting it for wouldn’t even cover the mortgage and she was including all utilities. Being a catfish detective I sent her another email asking if we could have a walk-through and that’s when the scam started to unravel. She said that she would have to overnight a key immediately and asked how I would like to pay the deposit cash app or zelle? If you know anything about renting you don’t pay the deposit until you overlook & sign a lease so this was definitely a red flag. I told her we would figure that out once we got to that step and that’s when she said she couldn’t send a key without a deposit. I did not respond after that and that’s when I looked up her email and found this page.

Should this be reported to the police of the city she is trying to rent out of? I just feel bad if someone was actually home when I went to look. How many people is she sending?

Adriana – Aug 18, 2020

We are in Las Vegas, NV and found a property for rent, low rental rate with all utilities included and offered a 6 month lease. These were all red flags so I googled the phone number and found this site with complaints. Be careful out there!

Blake – Aug 16, 2020

While helping my son and daughter-in-law with their newly-purchased home, a couple came by and asked about renting the house, based on seeing pictures captured from the public listing. The visiting couple realized early-on that they were being scammed by the “alleged realtor” in California. The EMail address on her message to this couple matched the scam info on this page.

Brendan – Aug 14, 2020

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Online classifieds (e.g., Craigslist)

Told me she was the owner of a home in Pensacola, FL that she had to leave to move to California to live with family due to the pandemic. Offered the home at $1,000 / month utilities included. She would hold the home for me as there were many interested applicants, if I would go ahead and send her the $1,000 deposit. Did some investigation and found her on here by googling her email address [email protected]

Derek – Jul 15, 2020

Told my father that she was getting a divorce and they were going to sell, but changed their mind to rent. Piece of garbage has fooled my sweet father and has his social security number. We have to deal with this person trying to steal my father’s identify now. If this person is in the United States, they messed with the wrong family.

Alana – Jul 22, 2020

Im sorry, this just happened to me too with the same exact ad and story! Ugh has your dad had any suspicious activity on his credit or bank account? I’m so scared I don’t know what to do!

Russell – May 29, 2020

Represented herself as the owner of a rental property in Portland, Maine. Said she was in her 60s and couldn’t chance returning from California where she was staying with family due to pandemic. Offered to overnight the keys and then demanded a $1000 deposit to do so. Total scam artist, piece of garbage.

Victoria – Apr 18, 2020

I am a Realtor in Roanoke, VA and have a house listed that this woman has been running on Craigs list for rent. I’ve had at least 10 calls and the neighbors are all complaining on the traffic. She tells people she is in California and that if they send her a deposit, she will hold the property for them.

Marvin –

Victim Location 43613

Type of a scam Rental

This scammer has listed a property we are selling for rent/possible rent to own on Craigslist. An unfortunate person submitted her application information (with personal information) but not any money to them before getting nervous and contacting a realtor to verify the status of the home. The scammer claims to have been getting a divorce, which is why the property was listed for sale, but has since gotten back with her husband and now are just planning to rent. Via the realtor representing the applicant, the phone number given by the scammer had been disconnected/did not exist. They attempted to rent our property for $702/month with a $1000 deposit.

Ashlee –

Victim Location 24502

Type of a scam Rental

Posed as a home owner renting property in Lynchburg, VA. Claimed to have moved recently, having tried to sell house but wanted someone to take care of it in their absence.


Phone: +1 (669) 888-1825

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