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Grace – Oct 15, 2020

Like so many of the reviews I have read here, I am out $107.75 from this scam company Day Proud that advertises on their website “100% Iron Glad money back if not satisfied”. That is FALSE.
Ordered 3 bras and a power washing wand in April.
Try tracking the packages because my credit card was charged a few days later. Got some message stating that the USPS was waiting for the package. After about 10-12 days I contacted DayProud to cancel my order they said the can’t because it had shipped. Another FALSE statement. Because I did not received the bras ( still no power washing wand) until the end of July. After trying the bras on, they were cheap, Didn’t fit and the quality of the material was bad. They stated on the website when I purchased them they would support and hold and be comfortable. Another False statement. I was Zero Percent satisfied and contacted the company and was told I could not return them. So I contacted my credit card company to charge back my money. They started the process. Then all of a sudden I received another package with the 3 bras and finally the powerwashing wand. So the end result of the the credit card investigation was that the company had done its obligation and I was charged the 107.75. This company has scam me. I was not satisfied with the product (the bras) and they would not refund my money like the website stated. (“Iron Clad 100% satisfaction or your money back” A TOTALLY FALSE STAEMENT ON DAY PROUD’s WEBSITE. I also wrote 3 different reviews about my situation and they were never posted on Day PROUD’s website.
My contact info
Mary Christne Zalesny
[email protected]
I do have some evidence like emails Back and forth to Day Proud and the stuff I gave to my credit card company
I have a screenshot of the “Iron clad 100% satisfaction or your money back“ BS statement.
I would love to get my money back on these lousy bras that cost me 29.95 a piece that I see now are only 19.95 on other websites. But I do not have the 6 bras that I received from the double shipment they sent just to appease my credit card company’s investigation. I threw them out that how lousy the quality are Of these bras.
Thank you and I hope something becomes of this because Day Proud is a scam company and I’m out $107.75

Carly – Sep 27, 2020

Scam. No returns or refunds on a bra that was way to small. Waited 3 weeks for the item. Was offered 30% off my next purchase.

Jaime – Sep 24, 2020

I also found this a ‘scam’ company. They are overseas somewhere (maybe Russia). I ordered July 29, bras arrived Sept 23. In the interim, I emailed them to cancel the order as I no longer needed it. When the bras arrived, I contacted the company to return them for a refund – like any normal company would do. NOPE. No refunds permitted unless the product was damaged. This is a disgrace. I will complain to my credit card company as well as PayPal. I don’t know why PayPal was even involved as I paid via credit card, not PayPal. Plus, their ads should not be permitted on FaceBook, which is where I found them. This is a total theft, scam and rip off.

Casey – Oct 15, 2020

I have almost the same situation. I did contact my credit card company to charge back my money. Then I received another shipment of bras(3 of them/my initial order) and my credit card company said that DayProud did there obligation and I had to pay the money. DayProud is the worst company out there and I also ordered these from a Facebook ad.

Lawrence – Sep 20, 2020

Terrible company. It is overseas and it is hell to get your money back or return anything. Pay pal worked with me but it was still a real hassle especially since it is overseas. The company Day Proud would not even reply back when I wanted to return clothing for a bigger size. Do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere. Surprised Pay pal even deals with this company.

William – Sep 12, 2020

AVOID this company! Followed the size chart. Item’s came no where near fitting. Extensions sent as if a general add in as in one size & here do this. AND they don’t accept “hygiene or personal” products for return. Only if damaged in transit. NOT listed in the ad.

Jose – Sep 11, 2020


Roy – Sep 10, 2020

Bought the bra. It took forever to get. Didn’t fit. Wanted to return it and was informed that unless it was damaged, that wasn’t going to happen. Total ripoff. No support for large boobs. Would not recommend unless you are an A cup.

Andrew – Sep 07, 2020

They got me too. I purchased 2 months ago and it has still not arrived. Every email is a lie. They said it was in transit but could not give me a tracking number. After a month of asking for a tracking number they finally gave me one and it says the order has not shipped yet. They keep giving me the runaround on email. They refuse to give a refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! Somebody need to put a stop to this! How can they be allowed to scam people over and over again?

Isaac – Sep 06, 2020

I ordered the bra, it DID NOT FIT, even though it was “supposed to be” the correct size. I was told I cannot return it, but would get 30% off on the next order by putting in the code, HAPPY30. I am afraid to try again with this company. 🙁😠😠 D.W.

Krista – Sep 05, 2020

AFTER I put my order in, I was informed that if I cancelled the order I would be punished by paying 30% of my order as a fine. This was visible on line only AFTER placing the order. I cancelled and was told I would have to pay 10.68 cents fee cancelling a change order for one bra. I am furious! Don’t deal with these people.

Maurice – Sep 01, 2020

How is this company still in business.
Took 2 months to get it, did not fit, they tried ignoring me to run out the return time only for them to tell me they won’t refund me for it…even though it does not fit. This company is shady. Karma!

Latoya – Aug 31, 2020

I purchased XL bras (2) via DayProud on June 20,2020. they finally arrived August 13th.
Once received I tried them on and they absolutely are too small. The sizing charts are not accurate and I even got a size bigger than needed. The fabric and fit were just not “right”. The I just emailed them to get a refund and will wait for their response. Do not buy from this company. Their bras come under many other names, so be careful.

Gregory – Aug 28, 2020

My bra took forever to arrive. It did not fit; it was labeled a 3X which should have fit loose and I couldn’t get it on, much less get the hooks done up. They refuse to refund my money so I guess I am stuck. I will never order off of Facebook ads again. I had problems with Inner Art from FB ad, too.

Crystal – Aug 28, 2020

Took two months to get my order and it was the wrong size, not to mention not a quality product. When I contacted them to get a refund and information and the only response I received was a question about why I was returning it. Then nothing…pretty sure they are stalling to run out the return time. I am beyond pissed.

Candace – Aug 24, 2020

I too fell for the scam. The inferior quality of the bras makes them unwearable and the “refund” policy is not clear when ordering. You’re basically making a donation to this company because the product is worthless.

Jorge – Aug 23, 2020

Yes, I too fell for the scam… Ordered in April,,, did not arrive until August 21. I have sent them over 15 emails,,, cannot track package. When I finally got it,,, cheap and did not fit. Same standard email reply every time. WATCH OUT FOR THIS COMPANY…

Laura – Aug 20, 2020

Ordered, then tried to stop after seeing all the complaints, When I talked to my bank, they couldnt stop, even though was only and hour!
PayPal couldnt get thru too …and DayProud good scammers
Month later, got the product that was not American made and ,measurements completely off
And now my problem, they got money I would Pay for top Bra,
… sending me a wrap around ,with not enough material!

Brooke – Aug 18, 2020

This company is a scam. I think they sell their bra products as a copy cat product of the original company that sold this new idea of this type of bra. My “beige” ordered bra came in an ugly golden color, 2 or 3 sizes too small, and no tags telling what the mateerial is made of, no washing instructions or where the product was made. I was so surprised when I realized it was just cheap china fabric! Overpriced, took forever to come, and I too recieved the can’t return answer. Then after a few emails, they said they would give me a 30% discount on my next order…huh…what? I would never buy another product from them. BIG Scammers.

Christine – Aug 16, 2020

Buyer beware you will not refund your money under no circumstances.
This company should not be allowed to sell online or anywhere else.
DayProud takes your money and runs.

Jimmy – Aug 15, 2020

Scammer’s website DayProud

Scammer’s email Name

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

Purchased bra per size chart provides. Bra arrived later than promised and size too small. Unable to send back for exchange or credit as they will not supply any address. I have been texting them for about two weeks now with excuses and no address. Very frustrated and need to warn others if their tactics.



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