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Vincent – Sep 25, 2020

Scammer’s phone 707-846-6197

Scammer’s website Don’t Know

Scammer’s address Don’t Know

Scammer’s email Don’t Know

Country United States

Type of a scam Government Grant

Initial means of contact Text message

I received an instant message through Instagram from a good friend asking if I heard the good news about the Federal Grant Program. When asking what she meant I received a response that I needed to text Agent David C Damschen on 707-846-6197. Texting the number provided, I received an immediate response that he was an agent from the desk of the federal Government Grant Program followed by an explanation of the program. He stated that my information had to be verified before starting the process and that I would need to fill out a form on line here. When asked was I ready I stated Yes. I just had to provide some personal information but never my SSN. He came back on text about 10 minutes later with the following information:

Thanks for getting back to us Mrs Maria Elena Hood, We got your information. This is to inform you that your Full Name and Home Address has been forwarded to the FedEx Manager for the delivery of your win money to you at your door step. The federal government delivery agent affiliated with the FedEX and the UPS Agent are the ones who will deliver your packaged money to you in cash or check at your doorstep as soon as you are through with the claiming okay?

Dear MARIA ELENA HOOD, YOU HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED AS ONE OF OUR LUCKY WINNERS! All the Executive Members and Board of Directors of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GRANT PROGRAM(FGGP) wish to congratulate you on your winnings!
Stated below are your identification numbers:
BATCH NUMBER:-  283070001GRD
TICKET NUMBER:-    00901907
SERIAL NUMBER:-   BE6006/85428

You are to choose the amount you wish to claim from us, And you will pay for the Clearance fees
Here is the list of the amount you are qualified for

Clearance fee $900 and get $30,000,00.
Clearance fee $2,000 and get $50,000,00.
Clearance fee $2,500 and get $70,000,00.
Clearance fee $3,000 and get $80,000,00.
Clearance fee $3,500 and get $100,000.00
Clearance fee $4,000 and get $110,000.00
Clearance fee $4,500 and get $130,000.00
Clearance fee
$5,000 and get $160,000.00
Clearance fee $5,500 and get $180,000.00
Clearance fee $6,000 and get $200,000.00
Clearance fee $12,000 get $2,000,000.00

That’s when I knew it was fraud. A person never pays for grant money. I quickly texted him and told him I did not have the money and he replied.

Okay I understand you but how much do you have with you and how much do you want to choose maybe their is a way I can help you Mrs Hood.

I blocked his number on text and no longer responded. I also questioned if it was really my friend that had messaged me.


Phone: +1 (707) 846-6197

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