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Raul – Oct 17, 2020

Victim Location 11692

Total money lost $9

Type of a scam Other

I recently joined Dalmoney.online and decided to try it’s money earning opportunity where you simply click and type in numbers associated with viewing adds. I needed to earn $150 in order to cash in, but once I earned this amount I received a message stating in order to cash out to my PayPal account I had to find 40 referrals to the site. Impossibe and they know this, so they conveniently offer a solution to this problem. Buy 40 referrals from other users on the site using Bitcoin. So I spent $14 ($10 worth of Bitcoin) on Bitcoin and paid one of their many people offering their referrals $9 worth of Bitcoin for 100 referrals. Great deal right? But guess what? I never received my 100 referrals and no one from customer service will respond to me or address my issues. So entrepreneurs beware. It’s a S.C.A.M!

Kurt – Oct 17, 2020

They do transactions for payment for sale of referrals on this website, www.localbitcoins.net. Didn’t you make use of the mechanism on the site which ensures that you confirm that you have received the referrals before your bitcoin are forwarded to them? Also, why don’t you report the matter to the admin at www.localbitcoins.net?

Vincent –

Thanks for sharing. I sympathize with you. I went through exactly the same ordeal but fortunately, i became skeptical when i observed that their customer care was not responding. I decided not to buy referrals. Then after some some months, they deleted my account.



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