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Katelyn –

Victim Location 78520

Total money lost $875

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On September 2, I was emailed some information in regards to a puppy Pompsky.


Thanks again for the interest in our puppies

They have been potty (paper)/home trained.UTD on shots

and come with all health papers . These puppies have been raised in my

home with regular visits from my children and grandchildren which has

helped a great in socializing them. They love to be cuddled and I

always make sure I give them the greatest attention. So I am in search

of pet lovers who can love and care for these puppies like I do.

Everyone must be aware of the love and attention this puppies need.

Honestly I do not breed and sell puppies for a living because I have

a stable job. I have always been a good lover to puppies. I adopted

their parents some couple of years back and because everyone admired

them so I decided to breed them. At the time I already noticed the

prices of puppies were too much for some good and loving pet homes to

afford so I breed and adopt out my puppies when need be. I also do it

sometimes for the sake of experience. Please get back for advice on

the next step to take towards getting the puppy into your home. We are

asking $600 for each puppy for a puppy including shipping if needed

and $50 for paperwork home delivery will cost $30 so making a total of $680 . .

However, I will also like to know the following from you before we

proceed. We are located in Brownsville,TX .

Visit our link to confirm your puppy

-Where about are you located? City and state??

1….Are you a breeder?

2. Have you been keeping puppy before or any order house pet?…

3…Do you have kids at home?

4…Are you going to keep them or give them to someone?

5….Do you promise to take proper care of the dog?

6…..Do you have experience?

7. Which of our puppies are you interested in?

8…..Would you want her home deliver or pick up at your local airport?

Thanks for taking your time to read through this email and I hope to

read from you again.

Attached to the email is more pics of the puppies

We picked the on we liked. His name is Kakado

We made out first payment of 350.00 on Sept 8 through Zelle email address given at the time [email protected], my bank is link to this service. Tracking of this is #***

I asked a few question via text to the seller, questions about the pup.

on Sept 22, I sent them another payment of 330, tracking ***.

The transaction was completed at this time., but the money went to an email [email protected]

I have numerous of times for a new tracking number and the time of arrival and the airline the pup would be arriving.

Was told the pup was arriving on Sept 23 @ 2:30pm Bluegrass Airport. I went to the airport and still no pup at promised.

Monday the Sept 24th I called my bank and reported, never received my purchase.

As texting back and forth with the seller they asked for 195, for food and boarding, which we were not aware of.

This was not on the agreement.

Being trustworthy and hoping to get the pup as requested we went a head and paid $195. Tracking *** Then we were told on the Sept 24th to pay 980.00 for a kennel and so forth.

After the money I have place into. They are now stating that I would go to jail for abandoning the pup and that I would have to pay 12000.00 due to government laws.

As soon as I told the seller that I was reporting them and that I am getting a hold of the police they stop talking texting me.

I am utterly sick of this and I hope I can get my money back.



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