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Carla –

Victim Location 31313

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Keep receiving a call from different voices "man or woman" and the same area code but 4 different cities " PELHAM, COLQUITT, VALDOSTA, THOMSVILLE all in Georgia"

They say "My name is "so and so" and I’m from a award company or I see you applied for a job at our firm and as soon as I say either the word "YES" or "NO" the phone hangs up!? I should have checked before but I found out that your voice is used to "authorize" transactions on credit cards. I have been called x7 times from x7 different numbers since Sept. 20, 2019 when I changed by phone number after receiving a text notification to my old number that my charge did not go through for Amazon and I did not order anything. PLEASE SAY "NO" or don’t pick up the phone at all

Robin –

Victim Location 41042

Type of a scam Tech Support

The caller calls my home phone where I live in Florence, Kentucky and all I hear is a bleeping sound in the background and heavy breathing over the phone. Sometimes either a man or a woman will ask "Can you hear me?" or they will ask "This is customer service calling, can you hear me?" I ask hello? and they say nothing.



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