Check CSFRME/Clickmyscore reviews to see if it is legit.

Rebekah –

Victim Location 45232

Total money lost $29.95

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

They came under the guise of a fake email referring to "Trans" but not actually "TransUnion", in the middle of the entire process, somehow that registration process became the dreaded Clickmyscore, they were saying that my score rose above 600, and that I was to check my credit score I assumed. I’m curious about my score, as I have just went through Lexington Law to better my average ya know.

So I go through the registration, not knowing their NAME yet, because It’s CLICKMY(DAMN)SCORE right, wrong, the email said "thy would help me check my score for free, but as I get through to the registration’s end, they then ask for my credit card information, saying that it would charge me $1.00, so I figure, well hell, I’ve come this far, what the hell.

So, I check what was supposed to be MY credit score at some 598 crap, then another screen opens and closes so quickly that you only get a flash of what is being said -this is when I got suspicious, but with so much for a single Father to do, It slipped my mind for a few day’s, all I remember from the flashing screen was 7 day’s to cancel. Mind you, all of this was on 12/27/2016.

I remember to call them, so 12/29/2016 at 12:14 pm, I call these charlatan’s, talked with an English speaking woman, I could tell she was AA, this is when I find out their TRUE name, and exactly what it is they claim to do for you, they say they are a Credit MONITORING Agency, I damn near flip, but I keep my calm, because I need them to be nice right.

Needless to say, we go through the process of her sorry’s that I am cancelling, she give me my confirmation number, I ask her to send me a confirmation email with all of the cancellation information, done, kaput, finished.


On 12/30/2016 @ 6:54 am, she sends me NOT the confirmation cancellation number email, but a confirmation email thanking me for calling customer service. 01/05/2017 @12:00 am they get me for the $29.95 that I cancelled 7 day’s prior.

I called, and called, and called until someone finally answered, this time, all of a sudden they speak with heavy accent’s, after 30 min, I take it to tier 2 complaint for my refund, I was promised my refund, and I’m still waiting; Today’s date 1/23/2017!



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