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Jeffrey –

Victim Location 10463

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was recently on applying to different and came across a company called Cruise ship center that was paying a decent salary. I applied for the job then received an email a few days later stating the position is no longer available however there is a personal assistant position that is available for one of their organization partners. This position is a scam. They will tell you that they will pay you $350 a week for 10 hours and that it will not affect your current job. DO NOT FALL FOR IT !!! I did fall for it once when I applied for a different company and received the same message this company sent (so I was already aware of the outcome). They sent me a check that was clearly fake and began to harass me about cashing it and letting them know (specifically the organization’s partner). I destroyed the check after doing extensive research ensuring that it was a fraudulent check and then emailed the person letting them know I will not be fulfilling the job duties.



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