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Victim Location 27332

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My dad was contacted by phone and a voicemail was left by a lady with a heavy accent stating that I was going to be served for a civil complaint debt that was outstanding and that I needed to contact the number she provided in the voicemail. The voicemail also had a case number that I was to give when I called the 855 number listed above. The VM stated that it was imperative that I call immediately to take care of this matter before law enforcement was contacted.

I called the number and gave the case number to the lady that answered the phone…she proceeded to tell me that the person who had tried to contact me was away from their desk but she would be able to assist me with my problem. She confirmed my full name and then placed me put me on a long hold and when she returned she gave me my DOB and last 4 of my SSN to confirm my identity. She then went on to tell me that she worked as a mediator for CRS Mediation Firm and that her client had her calling in regards to the suit in which she was attempting to collect a total of $503.44 from an old VISA card which had not been paid since October 2015.

I questioned her as to why there was never any correspondence or phone calls received about this supposed suit sooner and she said she could not answer that question because she was not sure. She stated that she could clear up this matter immediately if I paid the $503.44 via checking account or debit card. I told her to go ahead and file the suit; my lawyer would be in contact and I hung up the phone.

These scammers are really smart and sometimes have all of your personal information down to your DOB and SSN. EVERYONE – PLEASE BE AWARE and DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!!



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