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Victim Location 15202

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I was first contacted on Wed. 7/25/2018. I was in a public place and unable to talk. The man called back the next day, 7/26/2018 around 11:00 AM. He was offering to reduce my credit card interest rates – I asked many questions, including what the company was. He was selling the product hard, and I mistakenly agreed to listen. It seemed like a good deal, a promise of 0% interest on my cards. He convinced me (I am not usually this gullible. He provided information on my cards, pay dates etc. The sales man (called him self a financial officer) provided his name "Brendan" (he had an accent but it was not Irish), employee ID 261, Badge #TA269.

The reference # he gave me was 96203. He had the last 4 numbers of my social security number. I kept raising my concern about the legitimacy of the organization, and trying to find out if I could cancel. He finally sent me "up to" his supervisor: Steven Scully whose number was 800-327-7119. I felt badgered. Mr Scully (who did not have an accent) walked me through the rest of the process including my social security number. The new card would be a Bank of America card and a David Brown would call me. During the last confirmation I decided to cancel because of the charge for the service.

I canceled – Mr Scully pressured me, but canceled the transaction. The first individual (Brendan) called back and tried to pressure me into taking the new card – he yelled at me. I hung up, and called the number for Mr. Scully (the 800 number). The number when to Brendan again and I asked politely to talk to with Mr Scully. I was put on hold and no one came on. I hung up. Tried again. Brendan called me back and demanded to know why I had backed out, then said that they would sell my data. Shortly after, someone called me back (I did not recognize the voice but it was accented), but he identified as a supervisor. This man asked why I had backed out and I told him, including feeling threatened and why.

He asked me to hold, at which point Brendan came back on the line and tried to sell me again, asking why I wanted to back out. I explained again – but there was too much yelling and bullying. We hung up. He called one more time, claiming to be my financial advisor and tried to once again bully me into taking this. I demanded to speak to the supervisor again when he hung up. I tried several of the numbers again but they were now "no longer in use". I have contacted my banks and credit card companies, as well as consumer protection, and now you. I will also be contacting the 3 main credit agencies.



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