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Brent –

Victim Location 58103

Type of a scam Credit Cards

This number called posing as a credit card service aimed at lowering me to a fixed rate of up to 6.99% for my credit cards for the lifetime of the cards and offering to extend that to up to 10 cards including store cards. They had the first 5 numbers and the last 4 of mine and asked me to confirm the middle and confirm my name and zip code.

They then offered to let me set up 5 payments of 159 or 119 at dates I get to choose in order to get that lower fixed rate. I told them to call me back because it made no sense to pay on top of paying a card down…it would be more than what I pay out a month… I asked again if they were capital one they said they were affiliated. I called capital one immediately following and they said it was a fraud to steal information. I flagged my account anyway and will monitor my accounts

Marvin –

Victim Location 55428

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Several spoofed phone cards from "Credit Card Services" using local area code and private businesses phone numbers, One spoofed number being used is from the local school district. Another call using the local area code which I answered the person stated that they were calling from Experian credit union.

Leonard –

Victim Location 14435

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I got this long message from Lisa about my credit card

Calvin –

Victim Location 43130

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Said my credit card had a problem, tried to get my credit card number

Christopher –

Victim Location 49445

Type of a scam Credit Cards

They call and say that they can lower your interest rate and ask you for your credit card info and hang up immediately if you question them or asked to be placed on a do not call list.

Denise –

Victim Location 79705

Type of a scam Credit Cards

They call from all over the country. I’ve blocked every number. today at 5:26 pm I received this call.

They State "they are calling about my credit card, there is no problem, this is the last day to lower your interest rate"

I’ve even pushed #1 to talk to a live operator numerous times and asked to be taken off their call list and this time when I asked him to take me off their call list he started humming

This is a business phone and I’m tired of getting these calls and don’t know how to stop them

The conversation doesn’t get far enough to see if they want money. I usually end it.

Victoria –

Victim Location 28031

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I have been contacted by the same credit card service a minimum of 50 times. Most times my own telephone # shows up on my phone ID. This time 704-746-9499 showed up. I keep requesting they take me off there list but they continue calling. Once during a heating discussion (I am always connected to the same English/Australian accented person) I was requested to call 1-800-gofuckyourself, then he hung up on me.

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