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Terry –

Victim Location 11103

Total money lost $330

Type of a scam Employment

Former “Employee” I’d like to remain anonymous. Saw an add on Craigslist for a customer service rep on Craigslist. Got hired. Read from a script that promised people training to obtain certification to serve alcohol and a New York State bartending licence if they make a payment of $110 when they would show up after I made the appointment for them “The Closers” as they call themselves would “Interview” them and have them pay close to $300 to take a fake exam and receive a fake licence and other certifications. They would call many bars/Clubs/Lounges all across the city to look for openings and pretend to be the applicant who just got there “Licence” set up appointments for further interviews with them than call the real applicants and telling them that they have placement for them when really they don’t. This place needs to get shut down immediately. I’ve worked there for 3 weeks saw the sign up sheet and saw that the boss made over $6k in just one day her name is Yanill Ortiz. Again I’m remaining anonymous. Please take action.



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