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Cheryl –

Victim Location 76305

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

I received a phone call from someone posing as our grandchild. He said that he had been in an accident and some one in the other car was sent to the hospital. The outher car was an international diplomat and they filed charges against my grandson. The caller said that he only had two calls from the jail and he used the first one to his friend’s father, a lawyer. He (lawyer) said that they were holding my grandson for four days. No one was to call anyone because it would become an international problem. If he could get the bail today and get my grandson out today with nothing on his record. He said to go to WalMart and get 5 $1000 money order and to call him back for instructions. When I questioned him about where my grandson was he stated he was at Percent 23. When he was asked what city this was he said Dallas. My grand son lives on the east coast.



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