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Allen –

Victim Location 32257

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A company call UBS law offices keeps contacting me saying that they’re representing a company called CP investors saying that I took out 3 loans on the same day which was September 14th 2011 totaling $1,000 and it got deposited into my account when they gave me the last 4 digits of that account number I have never had an account ending in that number they said they tried to contact me which they never did i never received anything from this company never even heard of this company nor have I ever took out a loan with this company now UBS Law Offices keeps contacting me saying that I owe CP investors money which is false I have never heard of this place before in my life I never took out a loan with this company this is a scam I read up on this company and they’re scamming a lot of people out of their money saying they took out a loan which they never did and they’re trying to call them and have them make a settlement payment for a loan they never took out

Martha –

Victim Location 95660

Type of a scam Debt Collections

CP Investors continues to state that I owe a debt to them. Every person i speak to gives me different information. They state I received a payday loan in 2012 and the account use to do so was closed when they tried to collect. I did not have a checking account in 2012, so this is impossible. They continue to threaten taking me to court or contacting my employer. Please help me stop these people. I know this is a scam.

Travis –

Victim Location 21216

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a phone call from Carla Scott from Miles Copeland and Associates who claimed to represent CP Investors. They said that you owed money for a loan. When I asked for details about the loan such as the amount or when it was issued, they were unable to provide those details. When I pressed for a date of the loan they said June 3, 2009. I pulled up my account information and I have no record of any money coming in or out of my account at that time. They simply said I needed to pay otherwise they would take me to court and I would have to pay legal fees. She left a message on my phone stating that she would get in touch with my employer as well.



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