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Nathan –

Victim Location 68134

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was contacted 8/8/2018 by female rep with my home address and last 4 ssn. stating that i was being pursued by Wells Fargo Bank for a fraudulent returned check. She couldn’t tell me the amount of the transaction and when it took place but she advised Wells Fargo is willing to settle the debt for 500.00.

I called Wells Fargo and they confirmed this was indeed a fraudulent caller and that I had no outstanding balances with them.

Emily –

Victim Location 33711

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Beware of online payday loan scam… This third party company ask for personal information like SSN, Bank account info, ect. and once received its stored in their data, years later scammers will call and say you took out a payday loan (in which you never received )and then they threaten to sue you and file criminal charges against you threw a third party company called " County Mediations". Don’t give them a dime !!!! When i tried to call back on several occasions they kept hanging up on me or putting me on hold for an excessive amount of time after calling me and giving me a fake case number and serving me over the phone.

Melinda –

Victim Location 75068

Type of a scam Debt Collections

When I answered, a voice recording came on stating very vaguely that they were from County Mediations and that there is a criminal charge against me. No information other than to call them to "resolve" this.

Evan –

Victim Location 95811

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was contacted by phone to an auto-recording asking for my name press 1. I did and the auto-recorded message stated to call 844-256-2331 to avoid any further legal action against me. I was given a case #. I called the 844# and spoke to a guy named Alvin Brady who said that I owed $469 on a payday loan from 7/12. I asked them who the company was that said I owed them money and they said it was TR Capital LLC that was the 3rd party collector for the company claiming I owe money. He refused to give me the name of the company who said I owed money to and that the 3rd party wouldn’t give it out. He was overly aggressive and said I would be subpoenaed and have wage garnishment and additional fines added to my debt if I didn’t pay now. He then put me on hold and said I could pay $1003.16 immediately or in 2 installments of $257.50 for October & November. I foolishly gave my debit # and he said I would get a email confirmation after I pay the debt. He then gave me his xt. 306. I looked up the company and saw it was noted as a scam, I called my bank to get my card cancelled. I called the company and said I see they are showing online as a scam company. Alvin then said he would cancel the contract and see to it I get all the fines added to my debt and hung up on me. I made several attempts to call the company and it was always picked up by a female who immediately put me on hold or hang up on me. Alvin even went by different names and a female answered the phone and I even gave a false name afterwards to get an address of the company but I would be hung up on. Finally Alvin asked if I have a case # and I said no and then he said then you don’t need to call here and hung up. This company is a scam. They can not threaten you with court for a debt. They have to provide a legitimate address & phone #, and they have to tell you who the debtor is. If you get this call hang up immediately!



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