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Julia –

Victim Location 49065

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Two men in a pickup truck came to our house and asked who they could talk to about asphalting our driveway because they were down the road and had extra asphalt from a job they were completing. I had them talk to my husband on the phone since he was at work. They explained they would give us a great deal on the leftover asphalt they had and told both of us it would be $2 sq/ft. I asked for an idea how much we were looking at for price. He said he didn’t know how much they had left but they would bring the first truck see how far they got and then go from there. My husband said ok to that. The older guy Bill had me sign a contract for the $2 sq.ft. That was my huge mistake. After the first truck didn’t have much left in it they said they had a second truck available so they could complete the strip most used of our drive. By the time the truck came 45 min later (suspicious if they were "just down the road") my husband got home. When they were done with the strip he talked to my husband and told him they were up to $3000 for a price and wanted to know how much more we wanted. We told him we didn’t even have that much how did they expect us to pay for all that when they didn’t give us a price upfront. Finally my husband gave them the $2000 we had saved up and they said they would take $2500 total and be back Monday for the other $500. The guy Bill who made me sign the contract already took off before we realized it and he never gave us a copy of the contract I signed. We have notified the local authorities and they are investigating I do have pictures of the job they completed as they left a mess and only half our driveway is done. I just have to figure out how to get the pictures from my phone to be able to upload them to a computer to send electronically. The guy’s name is Raymond Wolk III and if you look him up on the Internet there are news articles about him scamming a non profit company in Florida and authorities there were investigating that last year. I am willing to share anything to help prevent this from happening to someone else.



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