Costal and or Highland Holdings

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Albert –

Victim Location 38647

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I work at a law firm and I received two voice mail messages from Coastal Collections. Upon calling back they asked for my cell phone number which they did not call. They called my work phone. I spoke with a girl named Nikki who informed that I owed $489.00 from a loan in 2011. She stated that I owed Highland Holdings for a loan. She proceeded to tell me where I banked, however I did not bank there in 2011. She then transferred me to Takisha in her legal department who threatened that if I did not pay that they would garnish my wages and I would go to jail. I asked them to provide me proof and they said that they did not provide proof that they could provide a receipt for payment once it had been received. The number they can be reached at is 866-237-1657



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