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Natasha –

Victim Location 83617

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an email on 11/12/17 from Mihir Priyadarshee with Core Cloud Web Solutions stating that this was in regards to the computer that they had fixed.

They needed to update the security as there has been several updates coming through. They gave me a license key for the upgrade & requested a reply so they could reach me as soon as possible.

My first thought was of what happened to me in March of 2016. I fell for a computer scam. I called them.They make you think that they are MicroSoft tech support, even though they don’t say that. They are very misleading & convincing to make you think that there us a problem with a computer virus.

These are the same people using a different name. The reason I know is because they have called me on my house phone on 11/12/17. No one has my house phone number. That was the phone number I gave them when they were scamming me. It is the same man’s voice.

I was lucky & was able to contact my bank in time before any money was transferred. They called me a couple of times after that & threatened me with a lawsuit. I filed a complaint with the Idaho Office of The Attorney General & to The State of Wyoming where the business address was. At that time the business was Blaze Techno Infosolution/ Virtua tech Solutions LLC.



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