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Mallory –

Victim Location 81401

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I believe that the domain is acting fraudulently.

You can view the domain here

It has also been posted as a Scam Website on

Scammer was offering Bengal Kittens because daughter who raised them was diagnosed with cancer. Said he needed to empty her home as she was in hospital.

Bogus charges for a crate and the half way through the trip wanted money for insurance.

Emails associated with this are

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Telephone numbers associated with this scam are



Sandra –

Total money lost $870

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for parrots to adopt and I saw this website where people post their pets for adoption called localmart and so I look for parrots to adopt and this guy named Benjamin miller is giving free birds for adoption. Then I messaged him saying I want to adopt the birds and he said that ,that would be great and he makes it seem like he cares for the birds.

He even send pictures to make it look real. So I thought that it seems legitimate so I said I want it. Then next thing he said I just have to pay for the transport and the cage and accessories and all that, all for $600.

I said I’ll give $*** for now and $*** again when I get the bird. He said ok, and so that’s our deal, later on he said that he paid for the change of ownership that cost him $*** and so he used the $*** I sent and his pocket money that he has left because he apparently doesn’t have any money because he just move to a new place for his work. So now he’s asking me for $570 to pay for the transport and for the documents , he even gave me a certificate, but the certificate looks so photoshopped and blurry. So I didn’t agree. Then he said to just pay directly to the agency that will transport the bird which is the continental shippers, I sent them the money and when it was the day to send the bird they said that, I have to buy this electric crate because of the weather which is $*** in total. I didn’t agree and I said I want a refund for the $*** I paid, both the continental shippers and Benjamin miller just disappeared.



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