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Haley –

Victim Location 95134

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

I am from Masterton, New Zealand, and was contacted by a "Marcia Perez" from "" regarding a market research on Flooring contractor industry in the US. Search that domain name – it doesn’t exist.

I was then passed onto Robert Wright from and he had gathered some targeted information that I was very interested in. Also copied into a "Patrick Brog.

Have a look at their website – its full of grammatical errors, and a number of spelling mistakes.

Their LinkedIn activity goes back 2 weeks.

Searched their domain name, shows registered in March this year – yet their website says "over the years we have…"

The phone number on the website go nowhere. The phone number on the email address was answered by "Hello, who are you wanting?" by someone called Ryan, was passed onto "Robert" that had the same voice as "Ryan". They were unable to tell me the name of their company’s CEO, their Team leader… said they are not allowed to give references to work they have done for others, because its a breach.

Was passed to another person who was a "manager" that talked about their mother company called Datacaptive which tried to scam us earlier. They were all vague when asked specific information, because they were all new to the company and only been there 2-3 months.

I know I have put the victims information (me) as USA, because there isn’t any option. I am from New Zealand.



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