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Tracy –

Victim Location 44035

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I keep getting calls on my home phone that I won 500 thousand from Consumers Publishes Clearing House. The man calling said he was part of the group that was hired by the sweepstakes commission to gather money for the prizes. He gave me numbers to the FTC, Federal Gaming Commission, and a Lawyer so that I could verify the lottery was not a scam He told me that HSBC was a finance company that required me to pay taxes on the prize. Said that I would get a check first and that I could pay money after I deposited the check. Said I had to pay 25% of the winnings ($1,625). Once I told him that I could not pay that money right now he said the company would be willing to work with me and I could pay $750 instead. He assured me that this is not a scam and they will send me a check and that I pay for taxes of the prize.

The man did say that if I talked to anyone about this deal it would be off – I couldn’t speak to anyone about it, not even my daughter.

I called the numbers bellow to see if real people would answer. They did and told me the prize was real.

Jason Mayer Office of Mayer and Bland Associates(Lawyer): 207-370-6733

HSBC was working to get money to him 202-747-5747 and 202-362-2222 and James Duran



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