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Roger –

Victim Location 31097

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Call come from 866.419.755 on my Caller ID; note there are only 3 digits at the end. I ignored the call and a recording left a voicemail. "Lauren Goodman was calling to talk about my unsecured debt and consolidation and requested I call her back at 866.419.7557 and a reference number of 077703." It sounded very phishy so I called back and asked them to remove my number from their call list. The rep asked for my name which I did not give her and she rudely said well without that or a credit card number I can’t remove your number and hung up.

Jose –

Victim Location 55379

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Starts off by stating it is not a sales call. We see you have $10K in debt and we’d like to offer to reduce your debt by 50%. We are making this offer because we see you never miss a payment…………etc. Tries to get you to reveal your financial information. The company has an address in Georgia. The phone number was Missouri.

Shana –

Victim Location 65201

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

This company continually calls no matter how many times you decline the call, hit 2 to be removed from the call list and when I told them i was reporting them because I was on the Do not call list he stated " Do whatever the [censored] you want, I don’t care." they call from different local phone numbers also.

Donald –

Victim Location 76008

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

They called claiming they needed information about my debt and wanted additional information. I have no debt.

Kristopher –

Victim Location 95406

Total money lost $15,000

Type of a scam Government Grant

I have been sent many of these letters stating that money was entitled also grand prize winnings it has gone as far to even sending me a check with my name forged coming in the mail. I went to bank when I received one of these check to see if it was real, And to my luck it was not and I was arrested for supposedly trying to cash a fake and altered check. I have been a real victim of this fraud. My life has been affected drastically by this and a persons greed to destroy lives.

Angel –

Victim Location 46123

Type of a scam Credit Cards

The person had a strong Indian (as in India) accent. They claimed to be able to lower my interest rate. He wanted to know what type of card I had. When I refused to answer, he disconnected the call.

Haley –

Victim Location 98146

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Received phone call that my caller ID registered as from the number I indicated. Computer voice said there was nothing wrong with my credit card but that if I called a certain number, which I did not write down, that they could lower my interest rates. I did not investigate further.

Brad –

Victim Location 21212

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I just received a call from Consumer Services claiming to lower my credit card interest rates,,the call starts with an auto/robo call with a female voice name of Sarah,,if I so choose to lower my rates,,press 1 to speak with a human I assume,,I hung up,,periodically I get calls from that same number and so called Consumer Services.I don’t click 1,,nor do I speak to anybody about my credit cards if I had any in the first place,,this is so annoying, agitating,,that my wireless carrier would sell my information to any bogus 3rd party entity,,just to make more money,,or the 3 Credit Bureaus would do that either.

Randy –

Victim Location 97203

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Cold call to me despite being on the do not call list.

Operator with heavy accent asking about my credit card. When I asked to speak to a manager, they hung up. Could not call back.

Matthew –

Victim Location 98103

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Automated "press 1" to find out information about how to lower credit rates. When you press 1 it goes to someone who doesn’t know much information about the company, (i.e. who they really work for. only say "Consumer Services") and asks you what credit card you want to lower. I hung up after that, so not sure the next steps they take to get credit information.

Todd –

Victim Location 97355

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Caller said he was calling from Consumer Services. He said he would reduce the interest on my credit cards. I asked what credit cards. He said they work with ***, *** ***, (several more) and have a special relationship with them to bargain lower credit card rates. I asked about their company. He said they were affiliated with the and the Consumer Protection Agency to reduce high interest rates. I asked that since he called my phone number, did he have my name? He said one moment while he looks it up. Then he hung up. I did not find out if he wanted my credit card numbers or if he wanted money, but that seemed to be where it was going.

Kara –

Victim Location 38117

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone call from my phone number. When I was finally able to ask a supervisor how they could do that, he gave me a spiel about their computer automatically calling numbers. When I asked him if he was running a scam, he responded with very vulgar language.

Roy –

Victim Location 06002

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Caller said he could help reduce or eliminate credit card debt. He gave me his name (David Kobi) and his employee ID BX 3690. Then he gave me to his supervisor (David Jarcia) he gave me his employee ID (TM 4142) Badge # (VLK8481) and MC/Visa Registered ID (RX008). employee ID number Badge number Registered ID. Once he had the card number and expiration date of 2 credit cards and the last 4 digits of my SS number the phone went dead. It came through as a number from Bloomfield CT 860-242-6715. When I tried to call back the number was not in service. I cancelled the 2 cards given to him and requested new ones.

Cory –

Victim Location 18103

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I have been receiving multiple robocalls from a business that identifies itself as "Consumer Services" informing me that there is an urgent message about my credit card account. The "urgent message" is that they could lower my interest rate. Once, I allowed myself to be connected to the representative and told him that I am on the Do Not Call registry and do not wish to be contacted any more. They agreed, but the calls have continued at the same rate. They come from various numbers all over the country, but the recorded message is always the same. Whether this is a scam or simply illegal advertising of a debt consolidation service, it is frustrating and misleading.

Marc –

Victim Location 02155

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received multiple call recordings from various phone numbers within the United States, stating I qualify to lower the interest rate on my credit card. Recording say press 1 to speak with a Consumer Service representative. When I press 1 a person answers and congratulates me for taking advantage of this opportunity. The rep goes on to ask a series of questions, what is total debt owed on credit cards, is credit card visa or master card, what is credit card expiration date? I told the rep, I did not have my credit card with me and could not answer any of the questions. Rep hung up the phone. When I redial the number I received a recording stating your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and dial again. Phone numbers include: 317-717-8048 Indianapolis IN, 417-204-1111 West Plains MO, 440-336-4291 Willoughby OH, 315-724-2369 Utica NY, 708-9691-360 Tinley Park, IL

and 351-258-0419.

Colleen –

Victim Location 48230

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Caller ID – General Motors

It’s a robo call, pretending to come from General Motors in Michigan. They have used the following two telephone numbers: 248- 640- 951 . and 313- 640- 9514

The telephone message is from consumer services to protect your credit. It’s not from General Motors! These scammers have been calling my telephone number for a couple of years, using different telephone numbers. Thank you

Samantha –

Victim Location 39365

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received an automated call from 361-739-4716 identifying as Consumer Services with urgent information about my credit cards. It stated that today was my last day of eligibility, and if I wanted to check into lowering my interest rate, I should press "1". Well, I knew something was up because I do not have any credit cards. However, I did select "1" because I wanted my opportunity to tell them not to call me again. When the man with the foreign accent began to talk and ask me about lowering my interest rates, I told him I did not have any credit cards. He immediately hung up on me without saying a word. While writing this, the same number has called again. I did not answer.



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