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David –

Victim Location 43130

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I was scammed last week by Mr. Clark at the Consumer Protection Agency 646-381-2102. He was very nice. He said I won $750,000. I went to Office Max and sent him $1000 in a money order.

So this week, I’m getting calls from Winner International for Senior Citizens. The guy’s name is John Pierson. His phone number is 209-437-8578. He said Mr. Clark’s real name is Peter Myers. He asked me if I lived alone, and if I was renting. He asked if I had a credit card, and he offered to pay it off and then I would see that he is legitimate. I said I did, but wasn’t giving him the number. He said it doesn’t work that way. He says I’ve won a million and a half. He says I am going to lose a lot of money if I don’t cooperate with him. He doesn’t have an accent. He said I would have to pay $1500 for taxes ahead of time. I said no. He said he didn’t want to see me lose this money, and he would take care of it. He didn’t want me to talk to anybody else about it. I told him I talked to the treasurer of my church who said I’m being scammed.

Brad –

Victim Location 29369

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Won prizes from National Publishers Sweepstakes, do not have to pay taxes but will need to pay insurance for $769.99. Name of caller was Robert Lawson. Will be at my house between 4 and 5 to give me check. Check is drawn on Bank of American. Winning was $825,000.00.

Will be calling back in am and tell me all about this winning. If I can’t come up with the insurance the company stated they have ways to help me.

Jenny –

Victim Location 44012

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a call to my house phone from the Consumer Protection Agency in Virginia. I won $700,000. The money comes from the Dream Foundation. Callers was Nadem Gooding. Badge number 12147. He wanted me to send one percent for my prize. Send about $6000. Then he went down to $1000. I said if I won a prize I should not have to pay a fee. I did not send any money. He said we come to your bank to verify the check is real. I said I have no money to give. It should be free. He gave me a security code SRN824-16. He told me to call Brian Hughes at 866-978-4777. I did not call the phone number.

Troy –

Victim Location 47234

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received 3 calls back to back on my cell phone from a Chicago ILL phone #. I answer on the 3rd time and I was told that it was the Consumer Protection Agency calling. That Customs w[censored]ding a package for me and that they were getting ready to send it back to the sender because I had not contacted them. He informed me that I had won second place in a sweepstakes. He of course gave me the phone # for Vegas Customs and a tracking # for the package. He told me that it was $450,000.00 and I need to contact them right away. So I did call the number and they did answer US Customs. The number was 866-978-0058. The gentleman wanted the tracking #, which I gave him. He came back on the line with my name and address. Said they were allowed to open the package because there was so much fraud going around with sweepstake winnings. He also told me that the state that I live in only allowed you to receive $100,000.00 by mail, and everything else went through customs. That he had checked out the name of the company and that the bank "Bank of American" was whom the check was from and that it was good. That I only had to send him $555.00 to receive this money, but not to think of it as a fee, because the bank was going to reimburse me for the money. My response was Thank You, but no thanks, that I know knew where the fraud came in and hung up the phone. Remember That it is a criminal offense to open someone’s mail and I have never heard of a package going to US Customs !! Plus you never pay for something you have won.

Steven –

Victim Location 79413

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone call from 323-306-7864 saying they were with the LA Airport Security and a package was being sent to me that was under investigation and I needed to call them back. Then I received two more phone calls from 703-229-8088 saying they were from Consumer Protection Agency and that they were investigating a package that was to be delivered to me. I am 82 years old and have not ordered any packages.

Kaitlin –

Victim Location 43206

Type of a scam Government Grant

On March 23, 2017, I received a voice mail message from a gentleman claiming to be Alexander Scott who stated he was a Consumer Protection Agent. He stated that he was a Consumer Protection Agent and he was calling regarding unclaimed funds. I called back today, March 24, 2017 and reached an answering machine and did not leave a message.

Olivia –

Victim Location 28277

Total money lost $28,000

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Consumer shared 3 months ago she was contacted by Consumer Protection Agency who told her she has won a lottery of $900K and needed to pay the taxes and fees.

She was to send payments to Jermoe Lawton by FedEx, Walmart, Harris Teeter Money Gram to the address of

3355 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19132.

Consumer has lost Approx. $28K. She has given them two credit cards and made Cash Advance on her Credit Cards as well.

Bethany –

Victim Location 44301

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Someone gave the name of Alicia and said she was from the Consumer Protection Agency in Washington, DC, and told me that a company called her and asked her to call me and that I had won a prize and to call the 702 phone number. I was told to call John at the 702 number at extension 800 and he’s the one who told me to pay $7,000 for processing fees to win the prize of $780,000. 



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