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Javier –

Victim Location 21601

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A company, at one point identified as Consumer Legal Services and at another point Legal Process Servicing, left multiple messages, specifically an "Inspector" or "Investigator" or "Agent" Foster, at 888-731-5698 X1037, with: My son, two adult daughters, my ex-husband (of 16 years), his current wife and her parents, and my current husband, all in an attempt to locate me. I called him today and he said that there were multiple companies across the United States looking for me. I asked him to be specific and he named two – Cardinal Mangement and Horizon Opportunities. I asked if these were the original lenders or if they had sold the supposed loans and he couldn’t answer. I said before I would discuss anything, I needed to see documentation in writing and I quoted applicable Fair Debt Collections Act. He said, "I’m fully aware of the FDIC and FDCA codes and you don’t have to show me what you think you know. They lenders sent you the information in writing and we don’t have to send you anything else." I told him he must immediately stop calling third-parties that have no relation to me and again reiterated that I needed something in writing. He kept interrupting me and asking me to verify personal information (which was accurate). After I again told him I wouldn’t discuss anything further until I saw something in writing, he got belligerant and I terminated the call.



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