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Kevin –

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Type of a scam Employment

Amanda B*** from

Concordia shipping llc emailed me about a package reshipper job paying $2500 a month. It entails receiving, inspecting and mailing packages out. There was no upfront cost involved and their website ‘’ appears very valid. They even have page that they want you to upload photos, make reports, print pre paid labels, etc… Don’t let this fool you. It all "LOOKS" pretty legit except you NEVER get paid. Beware

Phillip –

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Type of a scam Employment

My husband and i are semi retired i found a simple job on line shipping pkg.All we had to do was accept pkg, open ,verify and ship out after printing out new shipping labels and finish with a "task panel" done.the pay was 2400.00 monthly then after the first month they pay 2xs a month of 1200.00.i though t that doesn’t sound too hard and it really wasn’t ,what they failed to tell me after first 30 days i wouldnt get was a scam.i tried calling ,texting ,email they will not respond

Alexander –

Victim Location 90601

Type of a scam Employment

I have been looking for a second part-time job to supplement my income and received an email regarding a potential job opportunity s a package handler. The job duties included receiving packages at my home or picking them up at various businesses to reship for the buyer. This sounded perfect! Actually, it sounded too good to be true as the employee would receive full benefits, four weeks paid vacation, $2,500 base salary while working from home, etc. I began to get suspicious when I received the actual application via email as it seemed too simple, not requiring much information on previous employment. This suspicion led me to google the company where I found two links, one of which was their homepage, the other was their HR page and it led to a blank screen. Finally, they sent a follow-up email saying that my application had been approved while I had yet to speak with any actual person.



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