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Sheila –

Victim Location 24201

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Tech Support

On 6/16/16 I received a pop-up on my screen saying my computer was infected and I needed to call a Microsoft # to get assistance in cleaning my computer. My computer was locked and I was warned that my entire hard drive would be erased if I turned my computer off. I called the # and granted access to my computer. They showed me how many people were logged on to my account and offered to install a firewall like the one that had been installed at Target after they were hacked. They were certified Microsoft techs and would charge $250. I gave my credit card and they tied up my computer for the afternoon. The following day I checked my computer and saw nothing had been done to it , so I took it to a local tech to verify my suspicions. I contacted Computweak and they promised in writing to refund $150.I also contacted my CC company and told them I was not paying that bill. I have spent the last five months trying to get this resolved, being told twice " It will be credited within the next 10 working days", "It was credited on 10/30/16/," " My supervisor is not in right now but I will have him call as soon as he returns". I received notice from my credit card compant they were debiting my account. Do I have no other recourse but to pay this scam ?



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