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Christina –

Victim Location 99508

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was told by a friend Ms. Singleton about a site that was supposed to be helping people in the community with money for credit card debt, mortgages and other financial help. She gave me a link to an agent, his name is barrister Eden Thomas and his number is (812) 868-7907. Supposedly this business was presented on CNN as a business to help the poor disables and etc. It is supposedly was to give money grants out from the domestic assistance agency to help citizens maintain the standard of living for 2017 both retired, deaf, worker, disable and old men and women. After I applied, then they told me to go to Money Gram and send a payment out to a cashier. This amount was $250, supposedly to cover the government and IRS fee. I being gullible and needed help applied. I sent my money out to the person Raul Deanda which was I guess the cashier. Anyway after I sent the money off through money gram I was told to go home and wait for further instructions. Then a person, (scammer) called me to tell me the package of money was on its way. I then got another text and the scammer then told me there was a problem and the border patrol needed me to sent $950 for clearance. Meanwhile I ask this lady Ms. Singleton the one that gave me information about the program, did she pay this fee and she replied yes. I then told her why didn’t she tell me about this fee and she said just pay it. She then said, I got my money and I am sure you will get yours, so of course along with her $200, I paid $750. I was then told by the scammer to go home and wait for further instructions. I waited like a fool and nothing ever happened for a long time. I finally got tired and went out to dinner. While at dinner I received a text that it was late and the people with the package would arrive at 9AM the next morning. 9AM came and of course nobody contacted me or came as I thought would happen. The scammer then text me and told me the so-called team had and accident and they had to go to the hospital and if I wanted my money, then I would have to pay $1425 to get them out of the hospital. I by this time was fed up with the lies. It was one lie after another to get more money out of me. Anyway as of today I am out of $1000 and I needed that money for my bills as I live paycheck to paycheck. I was desperate and I was anxious to get out of debt, but instead put myself further in debt. I am here as a law abiding citizen and wanted to report this as I don’t want any other person to be taken advantage of because they find their self in my similar situation. This is the post I clicked on it and it open to a man offering assistance to those in need. I just tried the link as I was talking to you and it was removed.



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