Comcast Tech P imposter

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Tammy –

Victim Location 98513

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call from a guy saying his name was Alex. The call came in from Comcast Tech P. He had an Indian accent, and said that my IP Address had been compromised. He said people from Russia and somewhere else were using my email address to do illegal operations. He said this was a very serious matter and that "Comcast" would take care of the problem. He then got his supervisor on the phone who said his name was John Arron. At that point I hung up. I did not believe that it was Comcast and immediately got off the internet and looked on my phone to see of it was a scam, and yes it it. I have reported this to Comcast, because they are using a true Comcast phone number. What was scary too is that they got my email address correct and I did verify it, so I will change my password on that account.



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