Comcast – Imposter

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Manuel –

Victim Location 20706

Type of a scam Phishing

A person with a thick Indian accident is impersonating and claiming to be Comcast Cable and Internet services. The person wanted told me on the phone that there is "unusual activity with your Wi-Fi Internet connection modem. Do you share your password with other people?" I realized instantly that the telephone call is a scam seeking to steal my financial and personal information. I immediately hanged up and reported this to Comcast (the real one). This number is a scam number and is not of Comcast.

Raymond –

Victim Location 03801

Type of a scam Utility

Welsh & King Dental received a letter in an official looking envelope from Comcast stating that our bill was past due $546.12. We contacted the phone number on the letter and spoke with a representative and they stated that our account was now past due over $1000. We hung up and then contacted Comcast directly who stated that the letter was from a company that is not legitimate and to no longer be in touch with the business.

Trisha –

Victim Location 17512

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A blue door hanger was put on my door stating to be comcast collecting a debt of 362.73. It looks very legit and very believable. If i was more out of sync with current logos of comcast I could have been fooled. Ot was very distressing in the fact that my money is tight and could have been stolen from me. Also coming from an unknown party i am unaware of any substances that may have been put on this door hanger. I have children and foreign substances make me uneasy.



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