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Amanda –

Victim Location 85383

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw an ad for a Ford Van listed to have been in an accident but have a Clean Title. I asked multiple times to send me the VIN so I can do my own background check and they seem to just ignore it. They offered to send me their carfax instead. The person said he copied and pasted and never read it when creating the craigslist ad. I went to their website and did not like the look of it for a company that supposedly have been in business for ten years. I checked the website domain registration and it was created just this month. I checked BBB and google and the company name did not turn up. That meant it was too new to even make it in the search registry. I checked google map and the streetview showed no company signs on buildings.

They gave me the same story of the seller being divorced and had no use for a van. She was a flight attendant and had no time to sell herself. I din’t need to know all that. Too much unsolicited info. The money I send will be in escrow and I have five days to inspect the car.

Too many red flags, folks.

Blake –

Victim Location 80228

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I responded to an advertisement on Craig’s List for a 2010 Subaru Forrester. See… The lister at 720*522*4654 said he is selling it for his mom and she would contact me by email. I asked to see the car and get the car fax. I got an email saying:

"My name is Martina Walton, Thank you for being interested in buying my 2010 Subaru Forester Premium, I have a clean title and carfax, only 44,000 miles. The price was reduced at $6,000 firm, because of my recent divorce, This suv doesn’t help me much as a woman, so thats why the low price and quick sale. 80% of my time is spent as a flight attendant, so it would be hard for me to deal in person. I set up everything with Colorado Shippers so I don’t have to be present. I left the suv with them so they will also handle the transaction. Will be waiting for your full name, address and ph# so I can have the shipping company send you all the necessary info if you want the suv."

I responded to this email showing interest. I got the following:

"Thanks for sending me your info, you’ll see its a great company to use. I’ll start the transaction with Colorado Shippers. They will send you the invoice by e-mail, containing the instructions about your safety and the steps to complete the sale. After you receive the email from Colorado Shippers, if you decide to buy it, please call them so they can assist you in the payment process. They will keep your money in a trust fund account until you get the vehicle and try it out for 5 days. If at the end of the 5th day you decide to keep it, you sign the title (which you will be receiving already signed and authorized into your name) and call them to release the money to me. If not, you return it for a refund."

I got an email from "Colorado Shippers" :

"Dear Roger ***,

You are receiving this email because Martina Walton, has selected Colorado Shippers to handle a secure online transaction with you.

Your invoice for 2010 Subaru Forester is attached to this email in PDF format.

For a better understanding on how to complete your transaction is necessary for you to read the invoice carefully.

The tracking number for the item is: #81521210

For any questions contact Colorado Shippers: +1 (720) 316-0323

Thank you for using our services!


Colorado Shippers


The invoice asked for a bank wire. That is when I got suspicious.

Melody –

Victim Location 76706

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Used Craigslist and a fake website



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