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Lauren –

Victim Location 11023

Type of a scam Other

I am repeatedly getting calls on my phone from this number. I have told them repeatedly to remove me from their lists. I have had to screen my calls to avoid speaking with them. When I call the number back it is answered but "on hold" with about 10 min of music then hangs itself up. A couple of reps that I have spoken to have identified themselves as working for "College Advisors".

I live in another state but am very disappointed to see that their fake number looks like it is from the hometown of part of my family that happen to live where I register to vote as an absentee. I suspect that this is to obtain more trust.

In addition to this number I am now receiving other calls from six digit numbers and "private" numbers. I was not receiving any of these calls until the last two weeks.

I am concerned that these calls started soon after I registered for the State of New York (using the online system). I am a military retiree (married to and active duty member) and voting out of state. So, I worry that my information was compromised and/or purchased by an unauthorized entity or some other problem occurred.



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