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Monica –

Victim Location 07960

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Contacted the company via contact us on their site to ask about a puppy. She was available so we spoke on the phone. I was to send half payment and he would ship her. I would pay the other half when I received her. I said I would send payment Monday.

He texted me all weekend asking if I had sent payment. He insisted on western union. He would not take a credit card or paypal. He would not let me come pick her up. And he would not meet me. His text messages got very aggressive when I started asking questions.

. I have no doubt I would have paid him and never gotten the puppy.

He said he was Kevin Tina and used two email addresses.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Abby –

Total money lost $1,250

Type of a scam Other

I looked for a puppy in Ontario preferably Toronto area. came up as the first option. I later found out that they were out of Richmond Virginia. The puppies were on sale for 650.00 USD. Shipping was to be free. I paid 650.00 USD via Moneygram plus fees. I was told the puppy would arrive the very next day. Then the shipping company e-mailed me to say that the puppy was grounded because it needed insurance. They wanted 960.00 USD but said it was a refundable insurance. I called the owner and asked for a refund because I couldn’t afford that. The owner said he would help me pay for it. I ended up paying 600.00 USD and the owner said he paid the rest. Then the puppy was supposedly on Delta 0900 with a stopover in Nevada. Then I got a call from the shipping company and they said the puppy got sick on the flight and needed vet care to the tune of 780.00 USD. The puppy supposedly had a health guatantee for two years so I called the previous owner/breeder. Apparently that guarantee only covered the puppy after he arrived. At that point I realized it was a scam and I refused to pay anymore. The shipping company then said that I would lose my insurance money and the puppy would be sent to a shelter. I told the shipper that there was no puppy and I had sadly lost everything anyway.

Jake –

Victim Location 13440

Total money lost $525

Type of a scam Other

This past weekend I was traveling with family and we decided to move forward with the purchase of a puppy that we had found on the website “”. After speaking with who we thought was the breeder for 2 days, we decided to put a down payment of $150.00 for the dog on Friday night because he said he was receiving interest from others and needed to money to ensure he would not sell the puppy to someone else. Understanding of this we made the payment. Saturday morning comes around and the “breeder” reaches out again asking when we will be able to complete the payment in full. Overcome by the excitement of bringing a new pup into our home, we wanted to make sure we could receive him right away. We made an agreement with the breeder that we would pay half of the total amount up front and the remaining half on the day we receive his delivery information. So on Saturday night I sent a payment of $175.00 which brought the total payment thus far to $325.00. On Sunday the breeder reached out again and asked for the last payment and insisted that he will send the delivery information for the dog right away and get him to our door on by Monday afternoon. In the process of thinking this is still a legitimate dog breeder, I proceeded to submit another payment of $200.00 to the same paypal account that I had sent the other transactions to. When I submitted this payment the breeder had contacted me angrily saying that I was supposed to send this payment to a different paypal account and I needed to cancel it right away. (This was something we had never discussed prior) Since I was paying him through family/friends (he suggested this would ease the process for both of us) and the money was already in my paypal balance, leaving me unable to cancel the transaction. When he had gotten so angry with me sending a payment without telling him the exact time I was doing it, I began to get concerned with who I was dealing with. The original email I had sent the payments to was “[email protected]” which I could understand for home dog breeders paypal account. The second email was a personalized email with someone’s name whom we had never before discussed. With all of this concern arising out of no where, I researched and found that this so called “breeder” has a site where he posts Cockapoo puppies for sale at a discount rate with free shipping. THIS IS A SCAM. HE WILL TELL YOU EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THE DOGS SO THAT YOU SEND HIM MONEY AND NEVER RECEIVE ONE I have now lost $525.00 to a scam website on the Internet by paying them through Paypal. He had also asked me to use Moneygram and/or Western Union when I didn’t feel comfortable sending the payment to an email that we had never discussed before. Be careful of this website while searching for a puppy online.

Ebony –

Total money lost $1,800

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for Cockapoo puppies on Kijiji and the internet in Ontario. showed up. I scrolled down to view the available puppies and found one for 650.00 plus free shipping and a two year health warranty. After calling the alleged breeder I found out that they were in the US out of Richmond, Virginia. Oh well… that’s 650. US. They asked me to send the money by moneygram and promised same day delivery. Then I got a call from Ronda Transport Service that said I had to pay US for a “refundable” insurance policy. Apparently I was to get the money back once the puppy arrived later that day. It took me awhile to scrounge up the money but I got it to them. Then I got a call to say that they didn’t send the puppy on a direct flight as non was available but still assured me that the puppy would arrive the same day. Then I got a call to say that the puppy was weak and dizzy from the flight and at stop over they had it looked at by “their vet” at the airport. Then they asked that I pay another 840.00 US even though there was a two year health warranty on the dog. I asked the allged breeder if he would cover that but he said he had no money. Then I started looking into scams etc because this was simply too much. I doubt that there was ever a puppy. I doubt I will ever see the monies that I sent. This is a terrible problem in North America. Thousands are being scammed out of hard earned money. Police do not seem to be equipped to handle this issue.



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