Cochran and Associates Scam

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Isaac –

Victim Location 83704

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Cochran and Associates out of Columbus, Ohio called my family members and told them that I had a warrant out for my arrest and I had 2 hours to call them back and settle the debt or else it would be executed. I did some research into this company and found out it was fraud. I called the number back and talked to a woman named Emily Parker. She said that I was part of a bank fraud investigation and I needed to cooperate with them and needed to settle a debt or else she would have to prosecute me. I told her that she had told my family that there was already an arrest warrant and that in and of itself was fraud. She said that there was an arrest warrant, I told her I had contacted the states attorney general office and there was not an arrest warrant. She became upset and said that I needed to confirm my identity with my social. I told her that she can send me the complaint in writing so that I can have my attorney look at it and validate their claim. I asked her who this debt was for and how much and She became upset and began to yell that she is moving forward with prosecution and that she tried to avoid that. I told her to go ahead and if she can’t send me information in writing then I would be happy to be served at the police station or at my attorney’s office. She then hung up the phone.



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