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Anna –

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Type of a scam Tech Support

Was calling Netflix to get my TV to work with Netflix. Thought I was talking to Netflix when the supposed Tech said my computer was hacked many times and he need to send me over to cloud who I know nothing about cloud. They went through my computer saying they were going to secure it for 5 years for $500.00. I do not have $500.00 dollars my husband had just passed in January and he was a computer Tech. He would of been saying wait Netflix would not go into your computer to fix a problem. I started to think this is not right tried calling number back they were calling me on and the number was not available. Well they called back and at that time I did get Netflix on the phone and they said it shows me not every calling them until now and said they would never have you go on your computer. I had this fraud person on the other line and told her I am on phone with Netflix and she was surprised and ask what is the name of the person I was speaking to and did not respond. I put her on hold again and told the Netflix Tech he said we would never do anything like that. When I was talking to Netflix she hung up the phone. Netflix said did I give the credit info which I did not they did say they only took checks. They did go through all my personal info in my computer gods knows what they have on me. I changed my passwords and called my bank. So upset this would happen after losing my husband after 32 years. Pleas check out this number 1844-217-8666. I have been keeping an I out on bank statements and credit cards buy who know when the will hit me. Help us seniors please.



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