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Veronica –

Victim Location 45150

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Contacted this gentleman via a website that’s on Facebook called Loveland miamiville Montgomery garage sale where he posted a handymanad. I contacted him via text and he applied quickly. He harassed me all day to get me to hire him without even meeting him. The only way I can meet him was to pay him for gas so I agreed to pay him $50 when he came to my own. He seemed like he knew what he was doing with. We drew up a handwritten contract. We both signed it. Gave me a copy of his driver’s license and birth certificate. The next day he was to start and have the job completed on or by the weekend. I did a background check on this gentleman via the Internet and found out he had four felonies and four misdemeanors and had spent a year in jail for stabbing a friend in 2015. He threatened me via text that he was going to put a lien on my home. So I told him to go ahead and start the job but I did need to see his proof of insurance before you started the job. Which is something we discussed prior to the contract but he never could get it up on his phone. Well about 5pm that day he text me. Said that he needed help paying for his insurance and if I would pay the $160 then he would have insurance. I told him I was not paying for his insurance as he had told me he was insured. He continued to threaten me via text that I never asked him for the insurance and therefore I needed to let him do the job. In fact he begged me to let him do the job. He even offered to do it for $600 and get it done that day. I then told him if he continued to harass me I was going to call the police. He then threatened me again with the mechanics lien on my home. That he was going to the courthouse to file this on Monday. I have not contacted the police as of yet. I did contact the Facebook website and reported him. And now I’m reporting him to the BBB.



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