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Christian –

Victim Location 74107

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Someone calls my mom and claims they are an arbitrator, had her name and an address but the time they alleged she lived there was off. Claimed she pulled out a loan from Advance America 10 years ago in the amount of 300 dollars, her check bounced and she never paid and now she owes 1300 something dollars. Claimed she has to be in court on Monday which is 4 days from now or she will be sent to jail for 18 months but they can settle for around 420 something dollars at the moment. I called them 3 times, two times someone named Joel answered and refused to give me the name of this company. Third time I called a woman called, same voice from the automated recording intro, she tried legal jargon and to explain the company as legitimate and claimed she didn’t know who Joel was and maybe someone is stealing her credentials etc. They have 7 locations whatever, this one is in New York state, had to ask multiple times for what city finally she said Buffalo off the top of her head. They are frightening older less well to do people into feeling like they have to give up money immediately or they will be imprisoned and its wrong. My mother and I are both in a fragile state at the moment and it really caught her off guard, we just returned from handling serious events just this morning and she is trying to recover from that so this was completely off guard.



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