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Randy –

Victim Location 46017

Type of a scam Employment

Initial contact answering add on job board. I received a preliminary call from Ali, from Clear Logic. The second day I received a call from Leah, again from Clear Logic. I was assigned to a "coach" that would teach me the dynamics of marketing. I was emailed an e-book about marketing. The third day I received a call from my new coach, John Goodwin. He gave am hour long presentation about a profit sharing program he had established and was currently overseeing over 3000 corporations. He stated he had helped many of these as start up companies and had made many millionaires in the process. He wanted to help me also. He liked my personality. The plan was to help me secure a loan which would go to him. He would take this money and invest it in 2 newer companies, one in US, one in the Middle east. I was assured that my returns each month would be at least the amount of the loan payment. I gave enough information to give him a start on the loan application. Of course I was approved in a matter of a few minutes.

I cannot explain how I feel tonight. If it is advertised that this company is endorsed by Fox News, as a reputable work from home job, how can these frauds use an entity such as Fox news? this is what made it believable for me. Also Google and Amazon were listed as contributors. I am not an [censored]. I am a 65 yr old, partially retired nurse needing to make money to supplement a piddly SS income.



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