Clarity Solutions Center LLC

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Alexandra –

Victim Location 07656

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Clarity Solutions Center Phone 877-2371145 reference ID TC12418350 Company sent letter with FINAL NOTICE at the top. Letter wants your FSA ID number to find out if you are eligable for reduction or absolution of all college school loans. Had a feeling that it was scam so I ran the phone number and reviews confirmed that people were offered loan forgiveness with payments of hundreds of dollars for four to six months, they wanted the persons bank account information, and they cleared out the bank accounts.

PLEASE read these notices carefully, if it doesn’t seem right, it isn’t

Carrie –

Victim Location 63043

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Received a letter indicating that I may qualify for lower rate and/or “even be eligible for total loan forgiveness.” When I called what resulted was ultimately in order to consolidate the loans, I would be charged a onetime fee of over $600 in processing fees. I was told my monthly payment would be almost half of what I was paying now and was convinced in the long run consolidation would be a good thing, I proceeded. I gave a credit card for payment. Because I realized this quickly and called my actual student loan holder and discovered that to consolidate loans would never involve a fee, I call my credit card company quickly and blocked the card I also spoke with and emailed that my desire to cancel and asked charges be removed. It appears tonight that was honored. However, I do not want other to fall prey to this ploy.

I was going through with this and gave them a credit card to pay the fee, However, as soon as I hung up, it did not feel right. So, I called my actually/current student loan holder and discovered that when consolidating student loans, there would never be a fee involved. Therefore, I immediately phoned and emailed company regarding cancellation/charges, spoke with credit card company, and spoke with my true student loan holder and sent them all correspondence received from Clarity Solutions.

I spoke with my credit card company again tonight and it seems the charges were removed. I closed the card and sent this complaint.



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