Claimed to be US Treasury

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Mary –

Victim Location 35976

Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a phone call from an individual that stated he was with the Department of Treasury and that I have been randomly selected to receive $9000 tax free under one of President Obama’s inacted initiatives. He was very difficult to understand and provided me with my Money Applicable ID and an Acct Mgr phone number 206-201-2686 that is supposed to be releasing the funds. He then asked my age, I informed him that the Department of Treasury has access to that information & any other they would need and I ended the call and searched to see if this scam had been reported previously. I did not see a description of this type of scam and therefore I am reporting it.

Sarah –

Victim Location 79414

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Scammers threatened that if I hang up 5 squad cars woulf be picking me up. I woukd face prison time for not Paying fines from the irs. they would be very threating anytime I put them on speaker phone or tell them they were a scam. They knew personal information. Said I had to pay them 500 and they would be able to make arrangments to avoid going to court. Kept making sure I was still on the line and called me a liar when I said something about my bank or the locations and that they were closing but staying on the line with me. the guy "transfered" me to his supervisor when I told him I was on the IRS website it was the same guy and I called him out on it. He said he was listening to the entire recorded call and then slipped when he said that I told him at the begining of the call. I didnt give him any more information and he said the cops are on the way and "God have mercy on my soul." he hung up.



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