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Victim Location 85710

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a phone call to my employer’s office ( I am the receptionist). They asked to speak to the manager which we don’t have, (I work for a Charter High School) The caller "Julie Williams" a dispatcher for Gibson Law Firm, claimed to have a legal matter regarding one of our employees. Both our superintendent and director of school operations were unavailable. I offered to take a message. She gave me a phone number to call 1-888-375-3622, a case number. I then asked the name of the employee to provide as much information for the superintendent and she gave me my name!!! I told her that I had no idea what she was talking about and she said, "Oh I guess you didn’t receive my voicemail." I told her no and I haven’t received anything in the mail either. She told me to call the lawyer to avoid being summoned to court and served with papers at work!

I told her it was me and she said that this was a Pima County matter and to call the number provided to speak to an attorney. I went to my car and called the number, a man answered, I gave him my case number and he transferred me to "John Ramirez" ext. 218. I left a very upset voicemail regarding the fact that I have no idea what is going on and why I am being summoned to appear in court. I waited 30 min and after not receiving a call back I called the office once again using the same 1-888 number. The same person answered and put me through to the "paralegal" and this time the voicemail said that he was on the other line, so I hung up. I called back again and said that I have not been able to get a hold of anyone regarding this case number. I told him that, "yes I have called thee times and no one has been able to call me back. He put me on hold and a man answers "yes how can I help you?" in a very calm almost cold voice he tells me that I have a collections in my name from Bank of America that was now in their custody and I had to show up in court. He gave me the account number and told me that I owed $1592.10 which included penalty fees,NSF fees, and if I do go to court I will also be charged with attorney fees if judgment was held against me. I told him that I didn’t recall any such thing and to send me the "file" he claimed to have on me. He said that he couldn’t that it would be a conflict of interest. I told him that if I wanted to avoid court what could I do and he said that settling for $700.00 would close the case. I laughed and told him that I didn’t have that kind of money and that I needed some time to wrap my head around this. He gave me until Tuesday 2-12-19 to call back to agree to settle and make payment arrangements or go to court. He had my full name, the last four of my social, my cell phone number, my work number, and my address (the apartment number was missing a number). It sounded legitimate to me.

After the phone call I called Bank of America and spoke to a very nice agent, I told her what happened and if she could look up that apparent account number to see if it was real and closed due to NSF fees and sent to collections. She looked up the account number took my information and verified that I never had an account with them with that number, that they keep all accounts including credit cards permanently.

Please be careful out there. Oh! I also told my boss and office staff about this in case they call back for me or another employee. I’m also posting this to Facebook.



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