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Christie –

Victim Location 29906

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Tech Support

During operation of my laptop, a popup message appeared with voice override directing me to call a phone number to avoid damage to my software. I called the number and spoke with Jerry (Jerry My Technician.txt). As a result of convincing arguments, I allowed Jerry access to my computer; he seemed to clean up a number of files which he said were preventing my computer from efficient operation. The cost of his service came to $400.00 for the "Basic Maintenance + Security" Plan. The transaction took place on August 15, 2017 and included a "Malware Resolution." Upon reflection, I have since contacted my credit card company (Chase) and have claimed this charge to be false. Chase is investigating as I write this (12/4/17, 7:12 pm). Clack Web Services has contacted me several times, ostensibly to refund my money; however, since they require access to my computer, I have been turning them away and have asked them to cease contact. Their attitude has varied from agreement to belligerence upon more than a few occasions. They have promised to keep calling me. I am issuing this complaint as a result.



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