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Brendan –

Total money lost $852

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Applied for a loan through an online application. Received a phone call from Raj Sharpenter saying I was approved for a larger amount then I had requested. The amount was lowered. My email address was confirmed and the loan paperwork was sent to me to fill out and return by email. Which I did. I was given three ways of security the loan – co-signer; equity; paying for insurance. I choice paying for insurance. I was told the premium was $800 and asked to send it by western union. The company’s website and the broker said that the company deals with all kinds of lenders and finds one for you. I was told they are insured through Avia. I paid the $800 to a Kener OBrien and paid the western union fee. I phoned Raj with the tracking number and then the loan funds were to be deposited into my chequing account. Suddenly there was a problem with the system and they could transfer the funds. I then got a call the next day where he indicated I needed to pay another 400 as they did a secondary credit check and they decided I needed more insurance. I said no and asked for my $800 back. I said I thought it was a scam and Raj got very aggressive with me and told me that they would sick their attorneys on me if I defamed their company. He told me to F Off and hung up. I immediately called Western Union to see if the funds had been claimed and they had. I registered it as a fraud and have called the York police major crimes and am waiting for a call back.



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