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Jacquelyn –

Victim Location 91764

Type of a scam Employment

While looking for a job, this person called me to say, her client wants to meet with me, if I am available. So she says, you need to come into my office to fill out paperwork, and W2 forms, and need copy of my social security and license. I said ok, I continue to ask her, where is this job at, who is the name of the person I will meet with, and where is the address, she said I will send you all the details in an email. I said ok. She sends me the address of her office, and I said whom and where was I to meet with.? So I decided to call her, and no response, she then sends me the address of her office. As I tried calling her office, I received an message on my phone, that this agency is trying to steal persons identity, and get people SS and license # to send to people from Mexico. One of the person working there is illegal. I never arrived in her office after this message, but I thought, "If this was so true of meeting her client, she would have called me to find out why I never showed up." Her email never gave any other details of this supposedly person I was to meet, and never a company name where I was to arrived.



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