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Gloria –

Victim Location 95363

Total money lost $165

Type of a scam Debt Collections

The story: On 2/28/2019 I wire transfer money to Xianyun Guo for 165.00 this included the Cigarettes I ordered, DHL shipping and Western Union $15.00 transfer fees.

The website I ordered from was

His gmail no longer is works,  it was [email protected] now working as of 3/28/19 sent 5 emails requesting a refund.

Skype ID peoploftha

Whats app +86-18594049810

This website is a scam, unfortunately I did not check the complaints beforehand.

First you send the money by Western Union.  

A  person by the name of Xianyun Guo,  picks it up at a Western Union in China.

He does not ship DHL, like his website states, he sends an email stating he can’t do it till March 19, 2019,  because of license fees.

He ships China Post, without asking if this is ok, just does it.

Then he gives you get the wrong tracking number, after complaining the right tracking number (maybe) seems to work.

Then it’s shipped China Air….no tracking for a long time.

Then USPS is tracking the package with the tracking number RV822830633CN.

It’s stuck in Tulsa, OK,  so I called USPS, as to why it was in Tulsa, OK.   I live in Patterson, Ca.

According to USPS, the website sent the package to the wrong address to an address in Tulsa, OK .

USPS says to contact the website.

His email doesn’t work anymore,so I go on his website and message him that way for a refund

He sent an email back asking "if I was joking"? 

I know in China you must register at Western Union

You must show a bank card

You must show a Resident ID with your name

You must show a Government. ID

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Everyone I wrote:

[email protected] 3/23/19 filled out form

Federal Trade emailed complaint 3/23/19

Wells Fargo Fraud Complaint no 1032319786 3/23/19

Federal Bureau of Investigation of Internet Crime complaint form 3/23/19

Identity Theft Resource center emailed [email protected] 3/23/19

US Consulate General Guanzhou email sent 3/23/19

Google send email on CigarettsCigs g-mail account 3/23/19 filed online 3/23/19

FBI SanFransico email 3/23/19

CAFC Fraud Reporting System Canada Complaint No 2019-16285 Rassouli1 Seforth$1

BoyBoy mother smile 1950-09-30 birth 3/24/19

[email protected] Michael Paul IP Address 3/24/19

email [email protected] 3/25/19

[email protected] 3/25/19

[email protected] 3/25/19

[email protected] 3/25/19

[email protected] IP Address 3/24/19

Whois Pravy Protection Service, Inc. 3/29/19

ENOM Web Providers/Host 3/29/19 3/29/19 filing another complaint 3/29/19

IP address or 201 depends


Handle: Net-199-66-88-0-1

Range 199-66-88-0-199-66-95-255

Orginal YESUP ecommerce solutions inc.

Org Handle YESUP

Address 2 shell Court, Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada L4S081


IP with Who’s it

North America


CF 19

Ontario SF 95




area code 416

western union tracking 508-612-8072 165.00 2/28/19

China Post tracking RV822830633CN

Xianyun Guo he picked up at Western Union in Shanghi


After money received they stop responding

By: graxxon Nov 23, 2018 

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Ordered 170 USD Philip Morris cigatette (+30 USD DHL shipping and handling cost). -After they received the money they sent via ChinaPost and sent a fake(?) tracking number, where the destination is a completly different country (4 400 km away from me).

Payment: Pay via bank transfer ,below is

our company bank info in detail:


Bank account:6226632102150054

Swift code: EVERCNBJTJ1

Bank address: NO.83 QUFU ROAD,300042 TIANJIN CHINA

Beneficiary name: QU JUNCHEN

Beneficiary phone NO: +86-13066377431

Beneficiary address: NO 354 Chebei Road,Longgang ,Shenzhen City, China.


Note: If you pay via bank transfer,please describe the payment purpose as

“LIVING EXPENSE” In order to avoid the commercial taxes from China


Your order has been updated to the following status:

New status: Processing Buyers Beware! Scammed me 385.00

By: xoundxpert Jul 13, 2018 

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I ordered cigarettes twice from this fake company. The first time I was lucky. I didn’t loose money but didn’t receive cigarettes because the seller’s phone number didn’t match the phone record in the seller’s bank account that I wired the money to. Before ordering the first time, I searched internet extensively for negative reviews. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything negative nor positive about them. I thought that I would give it a try and understood that the prices are too good to be true. After 2 months of the first order, I got the refund from their China bank (minus $45 refund fee) due to "unable to distribute" reason above. So, that gave me hope to give it another try. I noticed the 2nd time they gave me a different bank name and different beneficiary, but I was willing to gamble anyway. To make it story short, they sent me a tracking number (RU859315457CN) for the 2nd order a few days after received my $300.00, and said they used China Post. I then assumed that China Post will turn package to USPS for local delivery. When tracking, I found that package was scheduled to be re-delivered in 3 different states. I found that was weird and immediately opened the case with USPS. USPS investigator told me that the package is for a different person in a different state. I then figured out that the reason it was re-scheduled to be re-delivered in 3 different states because this company used the same fake tracking number for 3 of their buyers, so those buyers (included me) called in to USPS for re-delivery. I then contacted them asking if they sent me a wrong or fake tracking number. They didn’t answer it that but said the package was caught by China Custom and it’s asking for custom taxes/fees. They then asked me to send them an additional $50.00 to pay for that and they will re-send me the package. Of course, I don’t have anything to believe that they’re ligit to send them additional more any more. I contacted them multiple more times, and they ended the conversions by not responding. I lost a total of $385.00 ($45 for 1st order, $300 for 2nd order, and $40 for 2nd order Wiring Fee). Stay away from this scammer!



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