Christian Home Pomeranian

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Isaac –

Victim Location 77007

Total money lost $1,100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

These people have a website advertising pomeranian puppies for sale. They ask you for payment by Zelle or Venmo take your money, and tell you the puppy will arrive the next day. The next day you are contacted by a freight company who tells you the puppy is stuck and they can not ship without additional funds. They threaten you if you do not pay saying the puppy belongs to you and will be treated as cruelty / abandonment to animals if you do not pay additional funds to the freight company. In the payment form they request your social security number along with your credit card number…

Larry –

Victim Location 49442

Total money lost $950

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Yes…I was scammed, by this website []….. lost $950.00 from the purchase, then they tried to scam me into paying for some shipping insurance, which was supposedly to be refunded upon delivery to our home. I canceled the purchase, and haven’t had communication with the seller agent since.

Brett –

Victim Location 53406

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Poms For Kids Deleted number but Peter Owens and chauntel Haunt started to text me asking me to wire him money for a Pom for $650 delivered to my home the next day. Harassed me to send him money every hour on a Sunday. Didn’t give me much information about the dog, was concerned more about when I was wiring him the money!! I called him and it was a man who called himself Jessie Motz has a heavy accent and hung up on me when I called him. Right there I knew it was some kind of scam. Wrote: "Yes, it is. Walmart and western union which is closer to you?"



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