Christi Childs Amanda Roy

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Meagan –

Victim Location 55418

Type of a scam Romance

Initially contacted on Instagram under the name Jessica Baker. Was pretty sure it was a scammer but sort of interested in where it would lead so I played along. Switched to google hangouts where “her” new name was Christi Childs. Tried to kindle romance. Sent a few pictures. Wanted to switch to text messages. I sort of led them on to get to the point where they asked for money to prove a point but t took a few weeks. She has a child named “Christian”. I told her I was a millionaire to expedite the process. After sending a few pictures she requested an amazon or steam gift card which was a dead giveaway. Nothing will likely come of this but figured I’d report the number. Pseudonyms include Christi Childs, Jessica Baker, and Amanda Roy.



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