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Martha –

Total money lost $275

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

I am first contacted by a company that says my ad in the Children’s safety magazine will help a lot of children. I put in an ad. Receive copy of magazine. All good until I receive a call from someone thanking me for my past help. They say they are from the Children’s safety Book, which I understood to be the same company. A lot of confusion about when ads go out, when they are paid for etc. I get more and more calls, either asking me to put another season’s ad or saying that they have put the ad in and now I owe them money. YEG kids news, lawyer and doctor magazines. I finally gave in and paid for one over the phone and now I am still getting emails saying the ad needs to be paid. I have told them that I no longer wish to place any ads or be bothered by them, but they don’t stop. Every month or two I get an email or phone call or both. I find that it is the same group that gets people to put ads into several different magazines. (YEG kids news, Lawyer and doctor magazines…) It is one thing to agree to an ad, but they make themselves sound like someone they are not, and are not showing proof of real magazine.



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