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Susan –

Victim Location 01752

Total money lost $1,665

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I bought a puppy on this website and pay $660.00 dollars and the pappy was never deliver and asked for 1000 dollars for a special crate and never got a puppy or the money.

Alison –

Victim Location 68106

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My mom told me about a teacup maltese that she was going to purchase over the internet, and that they would ship the puppy with a nanny to our local airport. I didn’t think anymore about it until she informed me that she sent $660 to this person via moneygram, and that they would not provide any information on transporting the puppy until she had paid the money first. I started to do my research, and I found similar websites that also advertised teacup maltese puppies that people were reporting were scam websites. I decided to fill out an "application" for a puppy on the same website my mother had gone through. I recieved emails that were laden with grammatical errors, and I was told that I needed to pay for the puppy (at a 50% discounted price of $500, plus $160 for shipping), before I would be provided with flight information. This person told me that the only ways I could pay were through PayPal Friends and Family, Zelle, Moneygram, or Amazon gift cards. Additionally, they provided me with this piece of advice in their last email to me:

"You can send payment online on or if you have to send from an agent location then, you will have to carefully copy down our information as above and go to the closest MoneyGram. When you get to the store, ask for a sending form and when you have the form, fill our info as provided above and After filling the form with our information, you will then hand over the money along with the transfer fees to the Teller for processing after which you would be given a receipt and on the receipt is the reference # which you will email back to me along with the sender’s name as on the money transfer receipt once the money is sent, Also email us a picture of the payment receipt when you are done so that we can confirm payment and proceed with the delivery arrangement."

"When you go to the store to send the money, make sure you don’t tell them that you are sending the money to buy a good or a pet, because if you tell them that you are sending the money for a puppy, They will give high transfer charges and they sometimes do not send the payment through. So if they ask you what are you sending the money for, Just tell them that the money is going to your friend or better say it’s going to your Cousin and you would not be charge high to send payment since they offer discounts for Relative and Friends transfer. So simply tell them it’s your relative and you would be discounted on the sending charges.

Please Kindly Email us a picture of the payment receipt as soon as you are done."

As you can guess, this SCREAMED scam to me. Thankfully, we were able to report the transaction as a fraud to Moneygram before this person had a chance to pick up the Moneyorder. Once this person realized the money order was cancelled, he called my mother and asked if she was still interested in the puppy. I took the phone and told this man that he was a scam and that we were going to call the police and expose him. He immediately said "[censored] you" and hung up. He then proceeded to send me two threatening text messages prior to me blocking his number. I urge people to do their research before purchasing ANYTHING on the internet, but especially puppies as this seems to be a main source of income for these scammers.

This is the information that he provided in the email:

Recipient: Devynn Louis Brooks

State: . New York

City: . Hamilton

Zipe: 13346

Address:…66 Lebanon St,

Phone: (231) 266-3447..

I do know he provided an alternate name to my mom, but I am unsure what that was. Please be warned of these scam websites!



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