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Michael –

Victim Location 91730

Total money lost $70.62

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This skin product "ReVitalize Skin Serum, charged me $4.95 it was supposed to be free to try out. As I continue with check out and unable to cancel the other two products I didn’t wanted, which by the way one cost $4.99 and the other $19.99 plus $1.98 for secure shipment, a total of $31.91 my credit card was charged! March 04, 2017. I figured maybe is just in case I kept the product, the product was promised to arrive by March 07, 2017 but arrived on March 08, 2017 in a smalle box that fit my mailbox. Anyway I checked my credit card that was charged not just one transaction but five different transactions on three different name accounts, three different dates as follow March 4,2017 the $4.95 from Contour, on same date March 4, 2017a extra $.99 from Contour I was charged. Then on March 5, 2017 $4.99 from Natural pre wellness. Same date Sunday, March 5, 2017 a charge of $.99 was made by Natural pre wellness. Then on Monday, March 06, 2017 a $19.99 charged was posted a total of $31.91. I figured was the charged for me to keep the product. Wrong!!! On the packing list only includes the content in the box three products ReVitalize skin serum (The product I only wanted to try for "$4.95") plus Renew Eye Cream (That I didn’t order and couldn’t cancel before finalizing my transaction) and Ageless Vitamin C ($19.99 that again I didn’t wanted but was unable to cancel on their website). Not aware that I was signed for a subscription, but concern about the way my credit card was charged, on March 8, 2017 I decided to call the three different (888) numbers on the invoice hoping that I could speak with some one but instead I got an automated recording that to my luck informed me about the subscription I didn’t even authorized but that if I would like to cancel I can press #1 so I did it cancel my subscription but it charged my credit card right away the amount of $38.71 telling me "that is the charge for keeping the product" following a confirmation number. I wrote it down. Then said my subscription is now cancel and that if I wish to speak with a customer service agent to press "Zero" so I did! A man named "john" took my call I explain that I was not satisfied with the way my credit card was charged different amounts and that I was not informed about the so called "subscription" for that I wanted to speak to someone that can make sure that every thing is cancel and I’m not getting more surprised charges on my card he said to me " your membership is cancel" so I ask why I’m I getting charged for the $38.75? He said is for the canceled membership! I said so what about the $31.91? He said for the ReNew Eye Cream I can cancel that for you right now. I said I thought that I cancel everything he said no just the ReVitalize Skin Serum. He said give me a moment… there! Is cancel so I said what about the other one the Ageless Vitamin C Serum? "John" straight up said I can’t cancel that but I will give you the number for you to call I said the one on the invoice paper? The (888) 407-0296? He said no is a different one he gave me the number. I called it was an invalid number!!!! I called the (888) 407-0296 and was the same voice recording from the previous number (888) 402-9089 that I have dile to cancel but I was charged and "john" was The One Who had "helped" me. So I called again a woman answered and she told me she will transfer me with the manager who’s name happened to be "John" also He said to me "there’s many Man named John ma’am! I said but they don’t all sound the same as you also the number you provided me doesn’t even work, so I hope my credit card hasn’t been charged yet for this reason I don’t want your product. He knew I’ve recognized his voice and since he can’t resolve my issue then maybe my credit card will!!!! I said to him!

I really want this company to take responsibility for the damage the have caused me, for the extra charges and for not resolving my issue by at least having me send back the products and refund my money. I didn’t order this extra items and they offer more info about the company or product. Or has no other information that mentions hey! There’s a 30 day return policy before we sign you up for a subscription with out your permission!!! For a product that sounds promising but that is only available by their website or like "John" told me, by calling only! So, because the way they set up their website to miss lead consumers and the extra chargers that a customers are not informed about and finds by surprise!!! That there is a extra charge to cancel a subscription didn’t even sign up for?! No thanks! The lesson WAS Learned. But I hope the BBB takes them off the internet because they are scammers!!!!!



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